“Sealsong in Cryosleep,” fiction forthcoming in Astrolabe (2023)

Music Practice,” craft column “Soundscapes” in Reckon Review (2023)

Abiding with Birds,” craft column “Soundscapes” in Reckon Review (2023)

Radio Lessons,” craft column “Soundscapes” in Reckon Review (2022)

My Sister is Part Martian,” fiction in Necessary Fiction (2022)

If Your Childhood Runs Away to the Forest and Comes Back Part Forest,” fiction in Nurture Literary (2022), Best of the Net 2023 nominee

Cryoseism,” fiction in CHEAP POP (2022)

Story as a Place to Dwell,” craft column “Soundscapes” in Reckon Review (2022)

Lampyridae,” fiction in Reckon Review (2022), Best of the Net 2023 nominee, Best American Short Stories 2023 nominee

Cetacea,” fiction in Lost Balloon (2021), The Best Small Fictions 2021 nominee, featured in Miramichi Flash

View from the Junior High School Bus in the Midst of Mass Extinction,” short prose in matchbook (2021), Best of the Net and Pushcart Prize nominee

June 4th, 2011,” nonfiction in Past Ten (2021)

The Closest Thing,” science fiction in Cotton Xenomorph (2021)

Picking Elderberries,” nonfiction in JMWW (2021)

Did the Water,” fiction in Longleaf Review (2020), Best American Short Stories 2021 nominee

Flight Paths,” collaboration with Elodie Rose Barnes, 2020 Collaboration Contest winner in Sundog Lit (2020)

Long Past Their Darkness,” fiction in Tiny Molecules (2020), Best Microfiction 2021 nominee

Fledgling,” fiction in Parentheses Journal (2020)

Watershed,” fiction in Splonk (2020)

After Drought,” prose poetry in Claw & Blossom (2020)

The Porch” hybrid prose in Bending Genres (2020)

Anemochory,” fiction in Little Fiction’s 2020 Flash Issue (2020)

Seedling,” fiction in Milk Candy Review (2019)
(with accompanying “Two Questions” interview)

Ames Hill,” prose poetry in Pithead Chapel (2019), featured on Lit Hub Radio’s Micro podcast

Tell Her I am,” nonfiction in Split Lip Magazine (2018), Pushcart Prize nominee

Unvoiced,” nonfiction in drDOCTOR (2018)

Girls Like You Once Were,” fiction in Haunted, vol. III of Wyvern Lit (2018)

Ten Sentences,” poetry in Burning House Press (2018)

Wels,” poetry in Burning House Press (2018)

An Experimental Conversation with Erin Calabria,” prose collaboration with Amee Broumand in Burning House Press (2017)

Garden in Sachsen-Anhalt,” poetry in Issue 12 of Sundog Lit (2017)

Mourning of Crows,” poetry in Issue 12 of Sundog Lit (2017)

The Last Fragile Thing,” fiction in Third Point Press (2016), The Best Small Fictions 2017 winner

Reservoir,” fiction in Five 2 One Magazine (2016)

Polish,” fiction in 100 Word Story (2015)

Maple Spile,” nonfiction in Riverteeth’s “Beautiful Things” column (2015)

Redshift,” nonfiction in Issue 3 of Atlas and Alice (2015), Best of the Net nominee

Grass,” fiction in Luna Luna Magazine (2015), cross-featured at Ravishly

My Summer’s End,” nonfiction Readers Report contribution in The Rumpus (2013)

Midward Train,” nonfiction in Potash Hill: The Magazine of Marlboro College (2007)

Audio Production Samples:

“Jay Jonas” – firefighter’s first-person account of 9/11

“You are a Dragon” – New York Neo-Futurists multivocal theater piece

Aha Moment: Pinocchio” – Produced for and aired on PRI’s Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen

Fortissimo” – Produced at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. Bought by KUOW and New Hampshire Public Radio

Fifty-four Years” – Produced at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. Aired on WMPBN’s Maine Things Considered, the SALTcast Podcast, and WMBR’s “The Neighborhood.” Bought by KUOW and KFAI